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Horizons Unlimited Classrooms

Here at Horizons we offer Six different classes for children 6 weeks through 12 years old.  Our children are grouped by age and/or developmental ability.  Each class has their own schedule and individualized curriculum to meet the ever changing needs of our students. All Birth - 5 classes have access to the Streamin3 Curriculum to use in their lesson planning. In all of our classes the children will primarily learn through PLAY!


Our Infant room is run by Ms. Brenda Owens

These little ones are busy all day long with tummy time, music, singing, books, fine motor practice, cognitive stimulation, and gross motor skills.  

Infants eat and sleep on their own schedule.  After reaching their first birthday, they will be gently guided towards the schedule they will have once they leave the nursery and become part of the newly formed Toddler Class!


Our Toddler class is run by Ms. Jessica Kiku.  Our tots enjoy dressing up, bubbles, painting, and lots of outside activities! In the toddler room Jessica focuses on social/emotional skills and self-help skills while building vocabulary through interactions. The toddlers are learning to feed themselves with utensils, being introduced to potty training, and becoming independent with their hand washing. 


HUELC's Early Preschool Department is lead by Ms. Jenni Custalow.  

The very active ones in her care aim to be more on a schedule with their learning time, movement, free play, outdoor play, sleeping, and eating activities.  Children are still allowed to rest as needed and adjustments are made throughout the day to accommodate each child and meet their individual needs.

Two favorites in this room are BUBBLES and SINGING!

Alaura picture.jpg

The Preschool Class is headed up by Ms. Alaura Millen

These boys and girls are in a transitional phase of their development.  They are still young, curious, and active, yet ready to learn, grow, and explore!

Their schedule is more fixed and begins to flow in a similar fashion to the Pre K Class they are being groomed for. Children receive instruction in early math, language arts, science, fine & gross motor skills, social/emotional development, and self-care tasks via the Streamin3 curriculum.

The Preschool class LOVES to paint and to get outside!


Pre K is taught by our Program Director, Ms. Susan Rose. 

Her class schedule begins to lean more towards what the children will encounter once they enter Kindergarten.  Our Pre-K Class uses the Streamin3 Curriculum which focuses on interactions while providing instruction in Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, and Math. 

ART and IMAGINATIVE PLAY are two favorites in this busy room!

Denise Nametag_edited.jpg
Samantha Nametag_edited.jpg

Our After School Program is led by Ms. Denise Wright.

Things are kept fun, but lightly structured when the children get off of the bus.  The class enjoys snack, playtime, and outside time after school. 

This class loves to do Free Art and are very creative!

Our Summer Camp is led by Miss Sam! 

We follow a structured schedule but manage to have plenty of fun! We enjoy engaging in messy and STEM activities throughout the summer with many field trips around Urbanna.

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